Revising School Start Times

Issue2Page1  Published November 4, 2015 By Shauli Bar-On Following several meetings with the community and administration, HHS parent Sharlene Liu’s pursuit for a later school start time has gained much more attention since she first formed the petition in September. Four FUHSD schools were represented at the most recent public brainstorming meeting last Thursday. … Continue reading Revising School Start Times

Students, parents petition for later school start times

Issue1Page1 Deck: District Superintendent Bove is open to investigating the idea proposed by Sharlene Liu Published: October 7, 2015 By Shauli Bar-On According to the National Sleep Foundation, two-thirds of all high school students are sleep deprived. Described by Sharlene Liu as an epidemic, sleep deprivation statistics such as this one inspired Liu to advocate … Continue reading Students, parents petition for later school start times

Principal Giglio to receive new assistant

Issue 8 page 2 By: Shauli Bar-On and Alisha Parikh Principal Greg Giglio’s secretary, Executive Assistant, Christine Glenny will not be returning to Homestead next year, as she is set to work in the district office alongside former principal Graham Clark. Glenny, originally a criminal analyst for the Strathclyde Police in Scotland, began her career … Continue reading Principal Giglio to receive new assistant