Be Wary of a Unanimous Political Opinion

Be Wary of a Unanimous Political Opinion

via: Independent Voter News

I was scrolling through social and found a thread that can be summarized as follows:

– Someone posts a political opinion,
– Someone else comments his disagreement and explains why,
– and the original poster comments back saying something like, “I blocked that guy in a heartbeat.”

A few seconds later, this chain of comments is deleted and all that’s left is the original post, its likes and a handful of agreeing comments only.

I’ve seen the same occurrence time and time again. Users are quick to block accounts and delete comments when they feel threatened by a political disagreement that jeopardizes their posts. This is selfish. While the posters may be closed-minded and may not want to hear different perspectives, by deleting other comments, they deprive their followers of that right too. They subject the public to pure propaganda with no chance of counter opinions.

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Shauli Bar-On

Shauli Bar-On is a law student at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. He publishes an opinion column for his university newspaper and frequently comments on social, legal and political issues

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