Unlikely Supporter? Chuck Schumer: ‘President Trump Did The Right Thing’

Unlikely Supporter? Chuck Schumer: ‘President Trump Did The Right Thing’

President Donald Trump spent the last few days in Vietnam, engaging in high-stakes talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Back in Washington, Congress hosted hearings smearing the president and criticizing his character. But after President Trump announced he was unable to reach an agreement with North Korea, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took a rare moment to praise the president.

“President Trump did the right thing by walking away and not cutting a poor deal for the sake of a photo op,” Schumer said.

Indeed, that’s exactly what the president did.

“Sometimes you have to walk. And this was just one of those times,” President Trump said after announcing the meeting with Kim Jong Un was over. “I’d much rather do it right than do it fast.”

President Trump said Kim was not willing to denuclearize as the United States had hoped, yet he still wanted a relaxation of sanctions. That’s when Trump left the negotiating table.

But Democratic leaders were not all full of praise for the president. In the same breath of praise, Schumer said he hopes President Trump will “have the courage to do the same thing” and take the same approach when it comes to negotiating trade with China.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi didn’t offer any praise for Trump being the first president to sit the North Koreans down — not once, but twice.

“I guess it took two meetings for him to realize Kim Jong Un is not on the level,” Pelosi said. She even went as far as to suggest that Kim Jong Un left the meeting as the “big winner.”

That seems like an overstatement. The United States didn’t lose anything by engaging in these talks, and North Korea left the meeting with the same harsh sanctions they started with. If anything, North Korea was the loser.

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