Federal Judge Rules Male-Only Military Draft Violates Constitution

Federal Judge Rules Male-Only Military Draft Violates Constitution

Another win for feminists is in the books. Or is it? Two Texas men sued the Selective Service System saying that the military draft unfairly discriminates against women because women are not required to enroll in the draft. U.S. District Judge Gray Miller agreed in his ruling last Friday, despite protest from the government, who asked the judge not to rule until a national commission studying women’s draft registration sends a recommendation to Congress.

But this is a clear case of gender “discrimination” based on the liberal logic that has seeped its way into the mainstream culture. If men and women truly are the same in every way, it makes complete sense to force both men and women to enroll in the military draft.

The lawsuit was filed back in 2013 by James Lesmeister of Texas, who later added Anthony Davis of San Diego and the National Coalition for Men as additional plaintiffs.

The San Diego-based National Coalition for Men is a not-for-profit organization that advocates against gender discrimination that affects men. It is perhaps the feminist movement’s biggest mortal enemy. The debate between the movement and the organization stems from the fact that many feminists believe men cannot be discriminated against in today’s culture.

But this lawsuit and ruling prove that this position is simply not true. If the feminist movement truly aims for a world with no discrimination on the basis of sex, then the military draft surely should not use sex as a factor.

In response to the judge’s ruling, which did not go so far as to require women to register for the draft, the National Commission on Military said they would continue to study the issue and would render a decision in the near future. One possible decision is for them to get rid of the draft altogether, given its obsolete nature.

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