Poll: 48 Percent Of Americans Think Media Is Biased Against Trump

Poll: 48 Percent Of Americans Think Media Is Biased Against Trump

A new poll reveals just how divided Americans are regarding their opinions of the media’s coverage of President Donald Trump. A McLaughlin & Associates media survey released this week found that about half of Americans believe that the media is being “unfair” and “biased against” Trump.

The survey described the 48 percent who took this stance as being a “forceful plurality.” Indeed, only 9 percent of those surveyed said the media was biased in favor of President Trump, 9 percent said they didn’t know whether the media was biased and 34 percent said the media was not biased.

In other words, only one in three Americans believe that the media is reporting the news neutrally. This is incredibly significant. When the media is taking sides, it is difficult for the average American to decide his position based on objective reporting.

“Our recent post election poll found that among all voters the plurality 48 percent thought that the media was unfair and biased against President Trump. Only 9 percent say they were biased in his favor. So it’s pretty clear that in general the media is seen as partisan and inherently divisive,” pollster John McLaughlin told the Washington Examiner.

The survey results also indicate that when a viewer hears facts that undermine his previous position, he will be less likely to change his mind and be more weary of the accuracy of the information used to counter their claim.

The poll results show that trust in the media is heavily divided along partisan lines. Eighty percent of registered Republicans surveyed thought the media was biased against President Trump and 63 percent of registered Democrats surveyed did not think this was the case.

However, the revealing statistic is this: almost half of Independent voters — 49 percent of them — agreed with Republicans in condemning the media for being biased against President Trump.

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