Karl Rove Warns About GOP Loss In The Suburbs

Karl Rove Warns About GOP Loss In The Suburbs

Karl Rove, Republican guru and former chief adviser to President George W. Bush, has some alarming news for Republicans in his analysis of the midterm election results.

“We’ve got to be worried about what’s happening in the suburbs. We get wiped out in the Dallas suburbs, Houston suburbs, Chicago suburbs, Denver suburbs — you know there’s a pattern — Detroit suburbs, Minneapolis suburbs, Orange County, Calif., suburbs,” Rove said Saturday while at a Washington Examiner-hosted panel discussion.

Based on an analysis of the 2016 presidential election President Donald Trump managed to mobilize voters in rural American, but suburban America no longer leans Republican. And this reality could pose serious threats to Republican chances in future elections.

“When we start to lose in the suburbs, it says something to us,” Rove continued. “We can’t replace all of those people by simply picking up [Minnesota’s First Congressional District] — farm country and the Iron range of Minnesota — because, frankly, there’s more growth in suburban areas than there is in rural areas,” Rove said.

Rove, who was joined by Newt Gingrich, expressed the need to examine how to appeal to suburban voters.

Perhaps the loss can be explained by President Trump’s unique presidency style and drift away from traditional conservatism, but it’s not something Republicans want to be guessing on heading into 2020 and beyond.

The reason for Democratic domination of the suburbs cannot be policy based. Democratic policy is more complicated and less unified than the Republican Party’s. The reason must be the way Republican rhetoric is delivered. This, compounded with the media’s portrayal of President Trump, will bring only criticism against Republicans. This is something President Trump and Republicans must consider heading into the second half of the presidential term.

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