47 Percent Of Americans Feel Like ‘Strangers In Their Own Country’

47 Percent Of Americans Feel Like ‘Strangers In Their Own Country’

According to the 2018 American Values Survey released this week by PRRI, 47 percent of Americans feel as if they are “strangers in their own country.” The survey revealed that Democrats and Republicans have radically different visions of what a better America looks like and which era they would rather have lived in, and it is heavily partisan influenced: 60 percent of Democrats compared to 34 percent of Republicans believe American culture has improved since the 1950s. In contrast, 64 percent of Republicans believe it has mostly gotten worse.

But what a large chunk of both sides feel is that America has fundamentally changed. While nearly 60 percent of Republicans believe America has changed so drastically that they feel alienated, 42 percent of Democrats feel the same way.

It is no surprise that so many people in this country feel alienation. Indeed despite the fact that we are all Americans, both political parties are dividing the people rather than uniting them. While the left-wing media makes it seem like Republicans are causing the majority of the divisions, perhaps the Democrats are more responsible.

Republicans have long argued for border security. But Democrats and the left-wing media have interpreted this as a white nationalism phenomenon where all immigrants, including legal ones, are being targeted, which is not the case. Democrats have also been putting women against men, classifying honesty by gender, putting members of the LGBT community on the offensive against Republicans and playing identity politics more so than the Republicans.

Leaders in Congress need to unite, not divide. Until they do so, it comes at no surprise that people are feeling divided. Perhaps it is what the leaders are intending for their constituents to feel. This is even more alarming.

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