Kanye West Designed ‘Blexit’ Shirts To Urge Black Americans To Leave The Democratic Party

Kanye West Designed ‘Blexit’ Shirts To Urge Black Americans To Leave The Democratic Party

Outspoken Trump supporter Kanye West has thrown his support behind a new movement called “Blexit” — which urges black Americans to leave the Democratic Party — by designing the logo and T-shirt. Blexit founder Candace Owens revealed to Fox News that West designed the logo and T-shirts for Blexit that debuted over the past weekend. The orange, teal and lavender T-shirts made their debut at Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit on Saturday.

“Kanye saw my original design, and said, ‘I can do it better,’” Owens said. “He redesigned the logo with vibrant colors inspired by his trip to Uganda.”

Describing Blexit as a “Renaissance,” Owens said, “Blexit is the black exit from the Democratic Party. It’s the black exit from permanent victimhood, the black exit from the false idea that we are somehow separate from the rest of America.”

Blexit is calling for people to make their own decisions based not on what society or the trend expects them to do, but by actually evaluating policy proposals equally from both sides of the political aisle.

“There are people that want to change their lives that have been lied to by the media,” Owens said. “There should be something waiting for them when they make that decision, and, now, Blexit will be there.”

Indeed, identity politics is wrong altogether, no matter which party engages in the practice and no matter which identity is target. True citizens who value their responsibility to make informed political decisions should have more self worth than to vote just because of the color of their skin, their gender or their religion. They should instead vote for the Party or candidate they think is best suited to handle their needs, and change what Party they vote for if policy positions change.

There should be no vote that goes uncontested, no person whose ideas are not considered because of the assumption that he will vote a certain way. This is exactly the conversation West hopes voters will be having, especially come Election Day.

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