Left-Wing Media Targets Trump’s ‘We Don’t Have Tariffs’ Comment

Left-Wing Media Targets Trump’s ‘We Don’t Have Tariffs’ Comment

President Donald Trump in a Tuesday interview with the Wall Street Journal discussed his policy regarding trade tariffs. As part of the interview, the president called out business owners who blamed him for their declines in revenues.

“You know what happens? A business that’s doing badly always likes to blame Trump and the tariffs, because it’s a good excuse for some incompetent guy that’s making $25 million a year,” he said.

The left-wing media has zeroed in on one line in the entire interview and are using it to claim that the president is a pathological liar. After the president said he is using tariffs to negotiate, reporters pressed him on the rising costs for the American consumer, to which he responded, “Where do we have tariffs? We don’t have tariffs anywhere.”

But even though the president misspoke in saying “We don’t have tariffs,” he makes his point clear in suggesting that these tariffs are not meant to be permanent. “I’m using tariffs to negotiate… I could never have done it without tariffs,” he said, referring to NAFTA.

President Trump is right about that. Tariffs are the reason why he was able to renegotiate NAFTA, first signing with Mexico and getting Canada on board at the 11th hour. U.S.-imposed tariffs pressured Canada to reduce the customs they charged on the U.S., particularly on Canadian dairy.

In effect, the president raised tariffs short-term for a long-term decrease. While the trade war with China is still ongoing, if it ends anything like the way it did with Mexico and Canada, the Trump administration — and the country — can look forward to more wins and paying less in tariffs. A deal with China will eventually come about, putting an end to the short-lived tariffs that are only hurting the American economy temporarily. And let’s not forget, the American economy is growing at a record pace with over a 4 percent GDP growth, even with the so-called awful tariffs.

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