Giuliani: Manafort Has Not Said Anything Damaging About Trump

Giuliani: Manafort Has Not Said Anything Damaging About Trump

Despite the investigation into President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, his trial and his guilty plea, nothing has come out from him to implicate or incriminate President Trump. Reuters reported on Tuesday Manafort’s attorney has agreed to keep the president informed about any details Manafort gives the DOJ and any meetings he has with prosecutors. According to Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, Manafort has not said anything damaging about the president.

A jury convicted Manafort of financial fraud in Virginia in August and pleaded guilty to foreign lobbying laws a month later.

But because no information regarding the president has turned up, this means that Manafort’s whole trial was a waste of government resources and was overhyped by the media. It is unfortunate he was the scapegoat for the anti-Trump Left just because he was affiliated with President Trump.

The left-wing media saw the indictment and guilty plea of Manafort to be the beginning of the end for the president, but instead it marked a scary reality in the way the FBI handles its investigations. Manafort was investigated and tried purely for his ties to the president.

Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn was prosecuted for lying to the FBI, and it was revealed last week that the FBI chose not to prosecute one of their agents for the exact same crime.

These cases of selected prosecution against members of the Trump administration had some merit in that they were used to find potential incriminating information on a sitting president. But that has turned out not to be true. The FBI’s dwindling credibility has been further diminished by these selective prosecutions with no fruit to claim their necessity. Instead, the FBI has nothing to say in response to accusations of bias against Trump officials and the double standard for those who are not tied with the president.

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