O’Rourke Trails Cruz But Won’t Share His $38M Campaign Fund With Dems

O’Rourke Trails Cruz But Won’t Share His $38M Campaign Fund With Dems

On Monday, Texas Democratic candidate for Senate Beto O’Rourke announced he will not share the record-making $38 million he raised for his campaign with Democratic candidates from other states who stand a better chance of defeating their opponents. CNN reported Tuesday that O’Rourke trails Republican incumbent Ted Cruz by 7 points in the latest poll.

However, O’Rourke rightfully argued that the donations came from Texas residents who wanted the money to go to his campaign, not necessarily all Democrats.

“I’m focused on Texas. Most of our contributions have come from Texas. All of them have come from people. Not a dime from PACs,” he said.

The DNC wants O’Rourke, who was able to gather the most money in Senate race history, to share his campaign funds with candidates who were not able to gather as much. This is a socialistic approach to campaigning and it represents the opposite of the Republican platform, which focuses on small government.

“I’ve got to honor the commitment that those who’ve contributed to this campaign have made to me, and their desire that we use this to win this election,” O’Rourke said. “If they want to contribute to someone else, they should do so. If they want to contribute to a campaign that’s going to win this historic victory for Texas and the country, then I’m grateful for the contribution and I’m going to make the most of it, so that’s what we’re focused on.”

The DNC sees the Democratic Party as a large entity fighting for what is supposedly the common good, whereas O’Rourke sees his role as being the representative of a limited constituency, which is in fact what the framers of the Constitution intended.

O’Rourke’s opposition, incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz, agrees with this stance and used it to point out the ridiculousness of the DNC’s political strategy.

The DNC wants O’Rourke to give away some of his campaign fundraising to other candidates who did not raise as much money. This is socialism by nature and is a wrong strategy.

“It would seem that if the Democratic Party wants to embrace the principles of socialism, they should take the money is campaign has raised and give it to all the campaigns that haven’t raised any money — and I wouldn’t put it past them,” Cruz said Saturday. “I’ll let Democratic Party strategists worry about their own party’s strategy.”

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