Melania Trump: ‘I’m The Most Bullied Person In The World’

Melania Trump: ‘I’m The Most Bullied Person In The World’


ABC has released footage from its upcoming special featuring Melania Trump’s first TV interview as first lady. The interview, dubbed “Being Melania: The First Lady,” was conducted by ABC’s chief national affairs correspondent Tom Llamas during the first lady’s recent trip to Africa, and will air Friday night at 10/9 Central.

In some of the footage already released, Melania says, “I’m the most bullied person in the world,” and also reveals that she believes her husband has people he can’t trust working in his administration.

A 46-second promo features some of the most anticipated questions the public might have, including questions about the president’s infidelity, the “I really don’t care” jacket and her role in the #MeToo movement. “No question off limits,” the promo says.

The first lady needs to be given a tremendous amount of credit for agreeing to speak with ABC about such personal topics. It cannot go without saying that one of the first questions the promo features Llamas asking Trump is, “You did agree to this interview, to your credit, with no preconditions.” To this, the first lady immediately responds with, “Correct.”

There are few first ladies who would agree to such questioning, especially from ABC, a company that has not historically been the biggest fans of the president and his administration.

There is also some valid criticism to ABC for asking such questions. Of course, questions about policy preferences and positions are fair game, but how important is it to ask the first lady about the strength of her marriage to the president? Of course, it is something that has piqued Americans’ interests, but it is not entirely ethical for a news channel to promote a segment with the fluff that should be kept out of American politics.

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