First Trailer Released For Dick Cheney Biopic ‘Vice’ Starring Christian Bale

First Trailer Released For Dick Cheney Biopic ‘Vice’ Starring Christian Bale

The first trailer for the upcoming Dick Cheney biopic “Vice” was released Wednesday. Starring Christian Bale as former Vice President Dick Cheney and Sam Rockwell as former President George W. Bush, the film tells the story of how Cheney “became the most powerful man in the world” and reshaped “the country and the globe in ways that we still feel today,” according to the official studio description.

Set for a Christmas release positioning it for heavy awards consideration, “Vice” is written and directed by Adam McKay, whose hit movie “The Big Short” (also starring Bale) won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and garnered a Best Picture nomination in 2016. Bale and Rockwell have both already won Oscars for Best Supporting Actor: Bale for “The Fighter” in 2011, while Rockwell picked up his Oscar earlier this year for “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.”

In the nearly two-minute trailer, George W. Bush asks Cheney to be his running mate, to which Cheney responds, “The vice presidency is mostly a symbolic job. However, if we came to a, uh, different understanding…” Cheney then proceeds to ask for control over the bureaucracy, military, energy and foreign policy of the United States.

Based on the trailer, there is some praise to be given to Bale, who appears to have fully morphed into the former vice president. The transformation alone appears to give some credibility and quality to the film. There also appear to be comedic elements to the film.

That said, however, there is always a fine line that needs to be walked when portraying people who are still alive in a negative light. In this case, these are former government officials, who still have some aura of authority and respect demanded toward them.

While Bush and Cheney have yet to comment about the film and the release of its trailer, one can only imagine that they are not all too excited for its release. Hopefully the film crew conducted adequate research and will produce a film that is not only entertaining and funny, but one that also gets its facts right, especially in making such bold claims.

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