Sen. Lindsey Graham: “We’re Waiting On Mueller”

Link — Sen. Lindsey Graham: “We’re Waiting On Mueller”

On Sunday, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina assured the public on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the Justice Department’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be able to conclude his investigation into Russian collusion without political interference.

“Nothing’s going to happen to Mueller’s investigation politically. He’s going to be allowed to finish it,” Graham said. “I know that from the Judiciary point of view, we found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. I think Richard Burr said from the Intel point of view that he’s seen no evidence of collusion, but we’re waiting on Mueller.”

With President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and personal lawyer Michael Cohen agreeing to work with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, things are not sounding good for the president, but they are looking just the same.

“Let’s let Mueller do his job,” Graham said. “I don’t know what Manafort has to offer. I don’t know if it’s anything meaningful, but I’m intent on making sure that Mueller completes his investigation without political interference and I can answer questions about the report once it’s issued.”

This is the right move. It would be difficult for Republicans to ask Mueller to end his investigation with the news of the two pleas coming out relatively recently. But with that said, they should issue some sort of time frame for when they want a report. Mueller is being paid using taxpayer dollars and he has yet to produce anything as of yet.

Graham has also made clear that Republicans are not in the business of defending President Trump blindly. They are in the business of finding the truth.

“Not one Republican in the Senate has done anything to stop this investigation,” Graham said.

Of course, the president has had enough of the Mueller investigation dragging and tarnishing his reputation.

“The illegal Mueller Witch Hunt continues in search of a crime,” he tweeted. “There was never Collusion with Russia, except by the Clinton campaign, so the 17 Angry Democrats are looking at anything they can find. Very unfair and BAD for the country. ALSO, not allowed under the LAW!” he tweeted Sunday.

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