Stormy Daniels To Release “Full Disclosure” Book On Alleged Trump Affair

Link — Stormy Daniels To Release “Full Disclosure” Book On Alleged Trump Affair

Stormy Daniels announced Wednesday while appearing on ABC’s “The View” that she plans to release a book entitled “Full Disclosure” on Oct. 2, a memoir of her life including her alleged 2006 affair with President Donald Trump.

“I’m going to write everything and include it — and people can think what they want to about me, but at least it’s the truth,” Daniels said.

Of course, her lawyer and potential Democratic presidential candidate Michael Avenatti was sitting right beside her in front of the cameras when she made the announcement.

Avenatti also pitched the book and tried to appeal to left-wing Americans by saying, “It’s going to be a long three weeks before the book comes out for Donald Trump.”

One of Daniels’ legal causes of action against President Donald Trump was defamation. While we can’t know for certain until the book sales are calculated, it appears that this “defamation” actually brought Daniels to fame. And the same can be said about Avenatti, who gained a national spotlight thanks to his representation and continuous political commentary that some news networks consider him credentialed to make.

It is important to remember that Daniels’ lawsuit has nothing to do with President Trump’s policy, nor does it have any bearing on his actions as president of the United States. Daniels is seeking personal compensation. There are some who have tried to tailor Daniels’ claims to a campaign finance violation, as President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen might be trying to do. But ultimately, the issue is minuscule and is nothing but a distraction.

Nothing besides President Trump’s rhetoric and tweets will change should Daniels win her complaint.

It’s fascinating how Americans are so pulled in to the Daniels issue because of President Trump’s personal life. There have been presidents who have done far worse. One of them even has an airport named after him in New York City.

Put this into perspective, Daniels and Avenatti are the real winners even before a judge or jury looks at the facts of the case.

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