GOP Considers New ‘Contract With America’ Campaign For Midterms

Link — GOP Considers New ‘Contract With America’ Campaign For Midterms

Republicans are considering a new “Contract with America” campaign as they did in their 1994 midterm election victory, where they took control of the House and Senate, picking up a net gain of 54 House seats and eight Senate seats during Bill Clinton’s presidency, the Washington Times reports.

While Republicans already have control over both chambers of Congress, a new “Contract With America” campaign, as orchestrated by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich would do Republicans much good.

Gingrich has floated the idea of a uniform Republican platform that includes term limits on Congress, paid parental leave, making the 2017 tax cuts permanent, and requiring people receiving government aid to prove they are attempting to find jobs.

A voter poll by political consultant John McLaughlin revealed such a platform would do very well. Fifty percent of total respondents, and 45% of Independents specifically, said they would be more likely to back Republicans who embraced the plan.

Even though the current political climate differs from that of 1994, nationalizing the Republican platform would guarantee Americans a unified policy and clear priorities they would get if they vote Republican. This is of utmost importance today because of the fracture in the Democratic Party. One Democrats’ ideas are radically different from the next. There are Democratic Socialists, moderate Democrats and centrists all running as Democrats. Voting Democrat does not guarantee a unified set of priorities.

In order to be successful, Republicans must capitalize on this and make sure their platform is in sync. While the exact terms and conditions laid out in the contract with America can still be tweaked to ensure the most support from Independent voters, Republicans must work together and agree on which problems to tackle first and tell voters specifically how they aim to solve them.

The party that does this the best will win. Based on the discord in the Democratic Party, Republicans have the better odds to do so. They just need to agree on the platform to run with.

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