Hispanic unemployment hits record low under Trump

Link — Hispanic unemployment hits record low under Trump


Hispanic unemployment hit a record low at 4.5 percent in the month of July, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This record broke last month’s record of Hispanic unemployment, which was 4.6 percent.

According to the Bureau, unemployment for all minorities has reached historic lows this month.

The caveat: unemployment for these groups has been decreasing steadily since 2011, a trend that began before Donald Trump’s presidency. But regardless, it is more difficult to reach a historic low when unemployment is already at a historic low. President Trump has managed to continue the trend.

Yet, these statistics are not being widely reported because they will surely be seen as a win for President Trump. God forbid the news gets out that the President has actually kept his campaign promise and created more jobs. What will happen if minorities find out that they are better off than they ever were under the Obama administration?

The bottom line is that these statistics are objective facts that can’t really be combined with spin to create a bad name for President Trump, as much as the liberal media may try to do so.

The liberal media has tried to paint President Trump as anti-Hispanic because of his hardline stance against illegal immigration. But there is an important distinction to make: Trump is against illegal immigration regardless of race. And he is pro-job growth and a healthy economy, again regardless of race.

The Democratic Party has tried to paint President Trump as a president who only represents white Americans. They have tried to twist his words and label him as a racist. But Trump’s economics and his policies appear to care about only one color: green.

And green is good for everyone.

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