The More Democrats Talk About Russia, The Less Voters Care

The More Democrats Talk About Russia, The Less Voters Care

According to a new Gallup poll released on Wednesday, less than 1 percent of Americans said the “situation with Russia” is the most important problem facing the country today. There are dozens of problems voters care much more about.

“Immigration/Illegal aliens” topped the list at 22 percent, followed by “Dissatisfaction with government/Poor leadership” at 19 percent. Seven percent of Americans identified “Race relations/Racism” as the most important problem, followed by “Unifying the country” and “Lack of respect for each other” at 6 percent each.

The economy, healthcare, family decline, guns, homelessness, education, taxes, crime… the list of problems concerning Americans goes on and on before the situation with Russia even makes the list.

In fact, the problem described as the “situation with Russia” peaked in importance to voters between February and April 2018 — at a whopping 1 percent.

Between May and July 11, 2018, Gallup polls found that so few Americans cited this as their most pressing issue that they could not even use an actual number to describe its importance. It was listed as the 27th most important issue facing America, topping only a mere nine issues.

Democrats have been singing the Russian collusion song for two years now, claiming that President Donald Trump is a mere pawn of Vladimir Putin. While Democrats and the liberal media may think they are doing right and ensuring the country is not falling apart, most Americans think their story is getting old.

While Democrats and the liberal media continue using up capital, resources, time and their breaths on covering this story and discussing its significance, Republicans have the opportunity to actually listen to their constituents and voters.

Democrats think the Russian collusion story is a goldmine for them when in reality it is one for Republicans, so long as Democrats continue giving it the unwarranted attention that is so clearly does not deserve.

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