Democratic Party’s New 2018 Slogan Raises Questions

Democratic Party’s New 2018 Slogan Raises Questions


Democrats have finally unveiled their much anticipated slogan for the 2018 election: “For The People.”

The first question all Americans should be asking is, “for which people?” Because by the looks of the Democratic platform and their recent history, they appear to be looking out for the interests of “the people” who are not American citizens ahead of the citizens who are electing them.

The most prominent comparison is that of immigration, particularly illegal immigration. While Republicans have long advocated for strict immigration enforcement, Democrats have been pushing to give voting rights to non-citizens. For instance, the Boston City Council is considering legislation to allow non-citizens to vote, and just this week, the city of San Francisco approved legislation to allow non-citizens and illegal immigrants to vote in its school board elections.

Many Democrats call for the abolition of ICE and their policies call for the intentional impediment and lack of cooperation with federal officials who seek to deport dangerous criminals convicted of crimes. Democrats would rather shield the criminals at the expense of the safety of their own community — the very community that put them in power.

They should know that just as these voters put them in power, so too can they vote them out of it.

Politicians are supposed to act as representatives — for their constituents and the people who voted them into office. They are not supposed to neglect their voters for others. This is Politics 101.

President Donald Trump ran on an “America First” policy, one that ensured voters that he would put their interests above the interests of Europe, Mexico or anyone else. That’s really the way it should be. It’s a shame that the distinction of loyalty has to be spelled out like this.

If Democrats continue to run with the same ideas and priorities they are currently displaying, they are putting the wellbeing of non-citizens in front of Americans. Their party slogan “For The People” might very well be accurate — just with some clarity as to which people it is referring to.

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