Controversial Anti-Abortion Meme Blocked By Instagram

Controversial Anti-Abortion Meme Blocked By Instagram

African-American conservative columnist Ryan Bomberger was censored by the Facebook-owned Instagram platform for posting a controversial anti-abortion meme comparing Planned Parenthood to the KKK. The post was removed by Instagram, who cited the meme as not meeting “community standards.”

Bomberger, a co-founder of the pro-life organization The Radiance Foundation, quickly penned an article to denounce Instagram’s action.

“Apparently, Instagram deleted our post, threatening to restrict or disable our account if we violate their guidelines again. But… we didn’t violate any guidelines,” Bomberger wrote on LifeNews. “The explanation they included in the warning were about threatening violence. Of course the meme wasn’t threatening violence–it denounced racial violence, no matter the era. But Titans of Tolerance have no interest in the truth. They can delete our posts, and even our account, but they can’t delete the truth.”

This is a clear act of censorship. It looks like Instagram’s “community standards” refer only to liberal opinions. Conservatives, it appears, are not part of the community.

To be clear, Instagram is a not a government-sponsored platform and has the right to decide whatever standard it wants and to block whatever content it chooses. But it must be known that their policy leans strongly toward one side of the political aisle.

Free speech advocates, regardless of their opinion on abortion access, should feel alarmed by Instagram’s overt censorship based solely on political opinion.

Can you imagine the same kind of censorship against a liberal opinion? Probably not.

It is surprising? Not really.

It is sad? Extremely.

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