Why Dems Should Not Oppose Brett Kavanaugh

Link — Why Dems Should Not Oppose Brett Kavanaugh

Now that President Donald Trump has announced Brett Kavanaugh as his pick to replace
retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the brutal confirmation fight will begin — and it will be a fight that leaves many bruises on Kavanaugh’s impeccable reputation, if Democrats have anything to say about it.

Even before Trump declared his nominee – in fact, right as the sitting Justice Kennedy retired – Democrats went into hysteria. Democrats already have been gathering enormous sums of money with the pitch that a conservative Supreme Court is the most dangerous thing that could happen to Americans.

While Dems are angry that their swing voter will no longer serve on the high court, there is very little they can do about. Democrats control neither house in Congress. Actively trying to block Kavanaugh’s nomination is pointless.

While Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has vowed to “avenge” former President Barack Obama by actively trying to block Kavanaugh from being confirmed, this will do little good. The resistance will not succeed.

Even Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) seems to agree, denying to reporters that Dems would be able to boycott a confirmation hearing, which is expected to take place in September. “There is no way we can prevent the Senate from meeting. There’s been some discussion about that, but it just wouldn’t happen,” Schumer said at a press conference.

Take a look back at Trump’s first Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Democrats also vowed that his presence on the Court was illegitimate because Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland was never given a chance.

It did not fly well. Gorsuch currently sits on the Court and has issued rulings in key decisions.

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