Boston City Council Considers Letting Noncitizens Vote

Link — Boston City Council Considers Letting Noncitizens Vote


The Boston City Council is considering a measure to extend city election voting rights to noncitizens including legal permanent residents, visa holders, green card holders, and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients (illegal immigrants who came to the country as children), the Boston Herald reports.

It is a policy that has long been predicted by conservative lawmakers and cited as the reason for why liberals want to admit more and more immigrants to this country. Boston recognizes that permanent residents have the ability to impact elections.

Of course, the Left is citing the patriotic phrase “no taxation without representation” as the reason for why green card holders ought to be allowed to vote. After all, if they pay taxes, shouldn’t they be allowed to vote?

Well, no.

First of all, everyone pays sales tax in this country — even those who come to visit — yet they do not automatically qualify as needing representation in government.

As for income tax, only tax residents are required to pay this. Green card holders are considered tax residents, but isn’t it fair that anyone who makes an income in this country pays their fair share of taxes?

Would it be more fair if green card holders were not allowed to vote but were allowed to keep their entire income without paying taxes? Of course not. Then people would reject their citizenship.

If we blur the difference between citizen and resident, there’s no knowing where we’ll end up in the years to come.

To where have we come? The only real difference between a citizen and a noncitizen is the right to vote and to serve on a jury panel. Once we take away those differences, the status of citizen becomes void, useless, just a formality.

The United States passport becoming a mere formality? Is that what we want?

Perhaps one side of the political aisle wants this, so they can increase their voter base.

After all, why would a permanent resident vote for the party who opposes its admission to the exclusive — yet accessible — group of United States citizens?

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