Mexico’s Presidential Frontrunner Calls U.S. Migration A “Human Right”

Link: Mexico’s Presidential Frontrunner Calls U.S. Migration A “Human Right”

There is something seriously wrong if a presidential nominee’s platform includes the mass emigration of his own constituents. But that’s exactly what is happening in Mexico’s presidential election, where candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said he will defend migration out of his country.

(Oh, and he’s been leading the polls with about 50 percent of the vote since late May. The Mexican election takes place on July 1.)

“Soon, very soon, after the victory of our movement, we will defend migrants all over the American continent and the migrants of the world who, by necessity, must abandon their towns to find life in the United States; it’s a human right we will defend,” AMLO said in a June 19 speech, which was originally published in El Universal in Spanish.

AMLO’s platform tells us a few curious things. First, that the candidate is more concerned with Mexican citizens fleeing Mexico for a better life than he is with giving them a better life in their own country. In other words, he does not think he can give them as good as a life in Mexico in comparison to the United States. Why is he even running for Mexican public office in the first place then?

The second takeaway from AMLO is that Mexico might not want to cooperate with the United States regarding its immigration crisis. Instead of helping its own citizens — and citizens of neighboring countries who seek refuge —  Mexico has no problem with allowing these people through its own border in hopes of sending them off to the United States.

Based on this report, Trump will have more public support for the building of a border wall and the continuous pressure on Mexico, whom he wants to pay for the wall.

Republicans have long been fighting a seemingly weak coalition of Americans who advocate for open borders, the dissolving of countries much like John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

But this concept might be closer than the mere imagination if the frontrunner presidential candidate in our neighboring country is advocating for it too.

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