Trump’s Approval Ratings Rise Despite Mainstream Media Criticism

Link: Trump’s Approval Ratings Rise Despite Mainstream Media Criticism

New polls are out on President Donald Trump’s approval ratings — or as Democrats prefer to call them, his disapproval ratings. But they reveal that more Americans are behind the president than the mainstream media would like you to believe.

Despite the media criticism, Trump was able to make a breakthrough 52 percent approval rating on his handling of the economy, 43 percent approval on immigration policy, 42 percent approval on foreign policy and 41 percent approval on foreign trade. All these come together for an overall approval rating of 45 percent.

The economy is what Trump ran on. It was the entire reason the Rust Belt and blue collar workers showed up at the polls and cast their ballot for him. And based on these latest polls, Trump didn’t disappoint.

Trump’s critics have long said that the current booming of the economy is due to President Obama’s budget and his policy. They claim that Trump has done nothing to bring us to this stage.

They say it’s just a coincidence that unemployment is at a 17-year low, real weekly wages rose 1.1 percent during Trump’s time in office, corporate profits and stock prices hit new records, home ownership increased and over 180,000 manufacturing jobs were created.

Sure, just a coincidence.

Trump’s overall approval rating of 45 percent is higher than some would want you to think. Let’s put things into perspective. It’s not lower than the average approval ratings of previous presidents. Add to this context the biased news cycle streaming 24/7 negative coverage, constant harassment by liberals on social media and the never-ending Russian collusion witch hunt.

It’s remarkable 45 percent of Americans have kept a level head.

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