Argentina Soccer Team Succumbs To Terrorists’ Demands

Link: Argentina Soccer Team Succumbs To Terrorists’ Demands

While I wouldn’t be happy with the team cancelling their Israel game due to BDS or political disagreements with Israel, it would at least make sense. However, based on the reports, it appears the decision to cancel the match was not due to political reasons — it was due to threats of terrorism.

While the match’s location in Jerusalem angered many Palestinians, there is a difference between protesting and threatening violence.

Argentine media reported the cancellation was made due to a series of threats made against forward Lionel Messi and his wife. “What we’ve experienced in the last 72 hours, which is public knowledge, the actions, the threats that have occurred, have led us to decide not to travel,” said Argentina Football Association president Claudio Tapia.

Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain told ESPN, “Health and common sense come first. We felt that it wasn’t right to go.”

This is the very definition of terrorism: the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. The Argentine team succumbed to threats of terrorism.

With the news of the cancellation, the Hamas terror organization applauded the Argentines.

Terrorists: 1, Argentina: 0. Hopefully, this won’t be the final score.

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