“Roseanne” Cancellation Raises Question Of Double Standard

Link: “Roseanne” Cancellation Raises Question Of Double Standard

In the modern digital and politically polarized age, a few taps of the keyboard can cost you your job, no matter how much success you bring your company.

Such was the case for Roseanne Barr, star of the hit ABC show “Roseanne.” Despite Barr’s history of conspiracy theory comments and vulgar language, a series of tweets on Tuesday commenting on the race of a former Obama aide was too much for ABC to sit idly by.

Perhaps it was pressure from the media, the thought of the loss of advertisement money or the potential for consumer boycotts of the show, but the show was axed within a few hours of what ABC Entertaining President Channing Dungey called the “abhorrent” and “repugnant” tweets.

While ABC probably acted wisely from a business — and moral — perspective, it is important for this case to be a precedent-setting example for all future incidents. If a team member criticizes any person from either political party using the harsh language used by Barr or by stooping to race-based attacks, they should be treated the same way ABC treated Barr.

There is no place for race-based accusations or ad hominem attacks when discussing and debating politics — or anything, for that matter.

If ABC was willing to cut the highest-rated show on their network, so too should any entertainment platform that experiences a similar situation in the future. And in the age of Donald Trump, it’s more likely than not that the attack will come against conservatives. Time will tell if a double standard will emerge. Let’s hope it does not.

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