Setting and scoring goals

Soccer star Sophie Lloyd reflects on high school experience

By Shauli Bar-On

Sophie Lloyd has been playing soccer since she could walk. Guided by her older sister’s soccer career, Lloyd said she joined a club team in the second grade and has played ever since. She has represented her club team, her school team and starting next fall, Tufts University.

Despite the time commitment soccer can burden her with at times, Lloyd said she values having her day fully booked.

“That sense of urgency [being busy creates] is kind of like being in a soccer game with the adrenaline and everything. It just makes you go that much faster and be so much more concentrated in what you’re doing,” Lloyd said.

During the try-out season, Lloyd said she attends two different practice sessions three times a week, totaling five hours of soccer for the day. Even with Lloyd’s love for a busy day, she said it takes concentration and a strong work ethic to succeed.

“There’s this stigma around hard work in high school and a lot of people are afraid of being ‘try-hards’ or having to work at whatever they do,” Lloyd said. “For me, I always work hard and I really think that having to put in effort is in no way a signal of how good you are, if that makes sense. All the best athletes and people have weaknesses that they need to work on and so a really big thing for me was not letting that attitude get to me.”

As Lloyd reflects on her high school soccer experience, she is thankful for having soccer be the driving force which helped her find an everlasting family.

Her advice to future soccer players is to “be proactive about your goals.”

“Never wait for someone to come up to you, whether it’s a college coach or any coach or someone you look up to, just go up to them, email them,” Lloyd said. “You have to go ask for all these opportunities. You won’t ever know what’s out there unless you try something out.”


















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