Celebration of peace and hope unites students

URL: Celebration of peace and hope unites students Published: November 22, 2015 By Shauli Bar-On Photos by Aayush Singh Following the terror attacks that left over 130 people dead in Paris, French teacher Muriel Von Stein decided to suspend the regular lessons planned for her classes on Monday to discuss the tragedies with her classes. “My … Continue reading Celebration of peace and hope unites students

An easy hack

As easy hack  Students should be able to customize their username and password when participating in elections By Shauli Bar-On Published: November 10, 2015  Finding someone’s birthday? That’s easy – just ask them or look it up on Facebook. Finding someone’s student ID number? That’s still doable – look at their ID card or any … Continue reading An easy hack

Revising School Start Times

Issue2Page1  Published November 4, 2015 By Shauli Bar-On Following several meetings with the community and administration, HHS parent Sharlene Liu’s pursuit for a later school start time has gained much more attention since she first formed the Change.org petition in September. Four FUHSD schools were represented at the most recent public brainstorming meeting last Thursday. … Continue reading Revising School Start Times