Long awaited cafeteria makes grand opening

issue 7 page 1 

Homestead Epitaph Issue 7

Published: April 30, 2015

By Shauli Bar-On 

The new cafeteria has custom made Homestead H flooring.
The new cafeteria has custom made Homestead H flooring.
New high-tech water fountains save plastic bottles.
New high-tech water fountains save plastic bottles.


Following a long year of construction, the anticipation is over as the new cafeteria building is set to make its grand opening today.

Food trucks are set to leave campus by May 4 and students will have the opportunity to purchase lunch from the cafeteria. High-definition television screens will project the lunch menu, which is still being finalized. The lunch menu will be more varied thanks to the kitchen’s new features and gas stove, Principal Greg Giglio said.

Following the $5.4 million required to construct the new field house that opened in August of 2013, the FUHSD website reports the allocation of an additional $12.5 million, from Measure B, for the demolition of the old cafeteria and the construction of the new, high-tech “Building K.”

The original plan, according to Giglio, was to expand the “plain and boring” cafeteria by 1,000 square feet, planning for an 11,000-square-foot building.

Perceiving the gradual rise in student enrollment and population, three additional science classrooms were added to the construction plan. A staff lounge area, new high-tech kitchen, and more student seating area will round out the final 17,000 square feet.

The cafeteria provides seating areas for students and a dry area for rainy days. A garage-like opening allows students to have easy access to the seating area. The seating area will also be used for staff meetings, replacing the band room and other facilities used in the past. A projector has been installed to display presentations for these meetings.

New water-conserving drinking fountains have a sensor that automatically senses water bottles and fills them up. It also includes a screen that counts how many plastic bottles have been saved.

The three classes being added to the building are planned to be used for physics and biology. Teachers will not be moved into these new rooms until next year, but some classes may use these classrooms for one-time demonstrations this year.

The new science classrooms are equipped with desks that can be raised higher to display an experiment, for example.

Above each table, yellow boxes containing electrical plugs hang from the ceiling and can be pulled down to supply power for electronic devices such as microscopes and laptops, which are gradually becoming more popular on campus.

Furthermore, the staff will now have a luxurious staff lounge for social events, particularly during lunch.

“There’s no real space for all the staff to hang out right now and this will serve as that place,” Giglio said.

The cafeteria is set to be one of the best in the district. Fremont’s cafeteria is set to be finished in July of 2015, and Monta Vista recently finished their cafeteria building in May of 2014.

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