AdmitSee Internship

Published: April 5, 2015

By Shauli Bar-On

  1. Prom

Every student should attend prom regardless of whether or not they enjoy dances. You don’t even need a date for prom! Prom is one of those days where your entire class is united and your feel as if you make up the bricks to the walls of your school. Truly an amazing and emotional time

  1. Homecoming

The biggest football game of the season. You must have attended at least one of the four homecomings in your high school career. Even if you don’t have the slightest clue about the rules of football, the environment of the stadium and the student body crowded together is unforgettable. Winning teams or losing teams, homecoming is quite an experience.

  1. That one teacher

Every high school student has had at least one teacher that meant somethign more to them. One teacher whose relationship extended beyond the walls of the classroom. You may have even found the subject extremely boring, but you know you could walk in that teacher’s room during any time of day and talk about anything.

  1. Getting your driver license

Most students get their license sometime after their sophomore year of high school. No driver will ever forget their first solo car ride. The “best car” competition is long over, but the memories of that era will always remain.

  1. PE Class

In almost every high school, students are required at least one year of PE regardless of whetehr or not they play sports. There’s just something about PE class that makes it so different from every other class. Some students fall in the unlucky pool of students with the hardest PE teacher on campus who made them run every day, and others found PE as a luxery time to relax and destress from academics.

  1. Your second language

Spanish? French? Chinese? Japanese? Or something else? I am sure you still remember something about learning your second language in high school. Maybe you occasionally listen to the radio or read the paper in that language. Or… you don’t remember what hola means.

  1. School Halls

Yes yes I know what you’re going to say… colleges have halls too. Work offices also halls. But there’s just something about your high school hallways that elicit specific emotions about those 4 years of high school. They might make you cry thinking of the beautiful memories you had there. Or they may give you the creeps and make you bless the day you graduated.

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