The Epitaph Issue 6 Issue6Page13

Published: April 2, 2015

By Shauli Bar-On RixtonReview_Shauli_Issue6

Rixton’s path to success has only just begun with the Mar. 3 release of their first full-length album, “Let The Road.”

The Manchester-based band started their career covering songs on YouTube. Their acoustic cover of Chris Brown’s, “Don’t Wake Me Up” garnered a quarter of a million views and plenty of attention for the band.

One of Rixton’s first original songs, “Make Out,” was published via YouTube in Oct. 2013 and has been viewed by more than 4.5 million.

Rixton also released their hit single, “Me And My Broken Heart,” which peaked at number six on US charts this time last year. Their progress since then has been incredible.

Releasing another single, “Wait On Me,” last July, Rixton showed off a clever, humorous music video.

Rixton opens their album with an incredible vocal performance from lead singer Jake Roche, in their acapella take of the album’s title song, “Let The Road.”

The album continues with their hit, “Wait On Me,” which won the hearts of many fans long before the full-length album release. A fan favorite, “Wait On Me” has a catchy beat, strong chorus and a very modern approach to it.

Track four, “Beautiful Excuses,” finally introduces the high notes of the electric guitar accompanied by the piano’s chords and ending with a guitar solo showing off guitarist Charley Bagnall’s talents.

“I Like Girls” is the most unique song on the album, with its reggae-like guitar strumming and drum beat. Strategically placed at track number seven, this song revives the pop mood portrayed by the majority of the album.

The album’s concluding song, “Whole,” begins with another a cappella introduction.

Probably the most powerful song on the album in terms of lyrics, “Whole” was featured in the 2014 motion picture “The Giver.” The high notes Roche hits in this performance are absolutely stunning.

Overall, Rixton’s first album surely met expectations, with every song contributing equally to the big picture.

Rixton has set their standard very high and must continue publishing works of this same standard to keep fans intrigued and in order to grow into the sensation they have the potential to be.

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