The Epitaph: Issue 6 Issue6Pg2

Published: April 2, 2015

By Shauli Bar-On 

StaffoftheYearArticleShauli_Issue6Two more staff members, computer science teacher John Shelby and school financial specialist Nancy Daffern, were added this month to the group of staff who comprise the Classified and Certificated Staff of the Year, two awards that have been in existence for over 20 years.

According to the two winners, the selection process begins with nominations from staff members, which are submitted to the selection committee, made up of past winners. The judges crown their winners based on number of nominations, interviews with students and reasons listed on nomination forms.

Employees are divided into two groups: certificated staff, who those with teaching credentials, and classified staff, which is made up of office staff, administrators and custodians.

Shelby, the 2015 Certificated Staff of the Year, is in the process of completing his eighth year at Homestead.

Shelby said he enjoys teaching more than his previous programming job.

“What makes teaching fun is really that you’re working with people,” he said. “People make things interesting.”

Shelby said he is honored and greatly appreciates his recognition as Certificated Staff of the Year.

“What I like about Homestead is our community that we have,” he said. “Homestead students like each other and create a good school community amongst each other.”

Freshman Ron Levy, who is in Shelby’s Java class, said he regards him as a teacher of the highest standard.

“He’s very passionate about his students and really wants them to understand the concepts of his class,” Levy said.

Nancy Daffern, the 20-year veteran in charge of “everything ASB”, test coordination and the renting of school facilities, was named the 2015 Classified Staff of the Year.

Daffern has seen school from every perspective. All three of Daffern’s children graduated from Homestead and she joined the staff when her eldest daughter was a senior.

“I’ve sort of seen Homestead as a community member, as a staff member, as a parent,” Daffern said. ”Homestead’s a really special place.”

Senior ASB treasurer Susan Sun has worked closely with Daffern for the past two years.

“Mrs. Daffern is truly a tremendous individual… she is such a kind and lovely person to work with. Her compassion and hard work behind the scenes helps Leadership and HHS events succeed,” said Susan Sun.

The plaque is expected to be updated and presented on the April 21 FUHSD board meeting to be held at Homestead.

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