Homestead student elected as FUHSD representative

The Epitaph Issue 5

Published: March 5, 2015

By: Shauli Bar-On

The student board representative for FUHSD was selected Monday night and Homestead’s contestant, junior Cyrus Miremadi, won the prestigious position. Being the only freshman at his first board meeting, he saw his dream position years before running.

Padded by three years of leadership experience, Miremadi began the vigorous application process locally at Homestead. After winning the Homestead campaign, Miremadi was invited to attend the interview processes at the district level.

When asked about his future plans, Miremadi expresses his dream of intradistrict unity. He hopes to plan new events that include students from different schools, and to incorporate other schools to support Homestead’s annual Canned Food Drive.

Miremadi has the opportunity to propose his new ideas at the bi-weekly IDC meetings and board meetings. Miremadi will also have the honor of being the student representative at board meetings and will have voting rights at these meetings. Administration will ask Miremadi to weigh in on problems faced by the student body and ask for advice.

The Homestead faculty is extremely proud of Miremadi and knows he will do great things when in office.

“We cannot be more proud of him. He has really earned this position,” head of ASB Sara Frausto said. “He sincerely cares about our community, and he is always going above and beyond… because of his genuine concern, not only for Homestead, not only for our school, but for all five schools in the district.”

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